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        2.  Yuexiu Financial Holdings has successfully issued RMB 2 Billion Five-Year Medium Term Notes on April 11th, 2018. The coupon rate of the MTN is 5.04%, achieving the lowest record of coupon rate of the same type of MTN in the interbank market during the same period since 2018.

          According to statistics, this issuance is subscribed over 7 times than it planned before and finally the issuing interest rate is locked at 5.04%. The successful subscription demonstrates the investors’ confidence in the business of Yuexiu Financial Holdings.

          The debt structure of Yuexiu Financial Holdings will be further optimized after this issuance of MTN. Yuexiu Financial Holdings will continuously take full advantage of investing and financing as a listed platform in China. It will also make effort to build a diversified and multi-channel financial mode which provides strong support for the sustainable development of Yuexiu financial Holdings.

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